Council approves plan to expand downtown area


Senoia will be expanding downtown off of Main Street.

At the council meeting Dec. 1, the Senoia mayor and council unanimously approved development plans for a duo residential and commercial space.

The roughly 6,000 sq. ft. space sits on Main and Barnes Street, roughly two lots north of the Senoia Coffee Company and by the parking lot across from the Veranda Inn.

The floor plans on Main Street allow for businesses on the first floor and residential lofts on the second floor. The plans also include a building on 9 Barnes St. designated for a fine dining restaurant, as well as more retail and loft space.

Verbal commitments from businesses have already filled two-thirds of the commercial space, according to Scott Tigchelaar, president of Senoia Enterprises, Inc. Tigchelaar said there are still five retail spaces available out of the total 14.

Though two are taken, Tigchelaar has already heard from many residents wanting to rent the lofts, as well.

Tigchelaar said the goal of this project is to add dimension to and expand downtown Senoia, as there are no more spaces available for retail along Main Street.

“I don’t know that I ever pictured it according to this scale,” Councilman Maurice Grover said at the meeting, looking at the same rendering published in this story. “I commend [Tigchelaar] on the design.”

The plans show two bracket-shaped buildings surrounding a courtyard with entryways connecting Main Street to Barnes Street.

Senoia Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Chairwoman Suzanne Helfman told the mayor and council the DDA approved of the plans, and wants to offer a stipend for the completion of the project.

“We want to put the money where our mouth is,” she said. Helfman said the DDA is willing to offer the same for anyone wanting to develop the downtown space similar to Tigchelaar’s plans.

About two dozens citizens filled the room during the council meeting and approached the council during the public comments time, giving their support for the project. Most are looking forward to a new restaurant that will replace Founder’s’ fine dining experience.

When the council unanimously approved the development plans, the public applauded. It was the most noise that has been made at a Senoia council all month.

The parking lot for the new retail/residential spot will be previous, just like the parking lot behind McGuire’s Irish Pub.

Friday, December 5, 2014 – 2:13pm
Submitted by Bethan Adams
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